Deeper into Jeopardy! XXXVII: CNN World Languages – $1200

Jeopardy! category: CNN WORLD LANGUAGES (26-1-2015)

$1200 clue: Tomas Mosciatti of CNN Chile is known as the Chilean this long-time interviewer


Correct response

The gist: Sr. Mosciatti certainly seems to, uh, model himself after him. Larry King is best known as the long-time, oft-married, suspender-supported host (1985-2010) of Larry King Live on some cable news network. He got his start in broadcasting in Miami in 1957, doing a mid-morning interview show with mostly local personalities. Among his earliest celebrity guests were singer Bobby Darin and comedian Jackie Gleason (start of The Honeymooners). In the late seventies he took his show to the graveyard shift on national radio station MBS (Mutual Broadcasting Company), and in the mid-80s started LKL at his home on the TV. Memorable moments include:

  • an impromptu show following O.J. Simpson’s car chase with the cops live in 1994;
  • a debate between Reform Party presidential candidate Ross Perot and Vice President Al Gore on the relative merits and demerits of NAFTA;
  • the 2007 reunion of Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney with the two Beatle widows, Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison, in which King asked Mrs. Harrison about “Something,” a song George had written for his (and Eric Clapton’s) first wife Pattie Boyd.

King has been accused of pandering to his guests and asking softball questions that fail to get to the meat of important matters and current events, and let interviewees – which have included powerful figures in politics, entertainment, media, and more – off the hook, when his audience would be better served with harder-pressing questions. King, for his part, has denied the allegations, insisting he always “follows up” and that anyway his show is “infotainment,” not journalism.

I mean, geez… Maybe tone it down a little?

The clue: As Alex remarked (“you noticed the suspenders”), this clue relied on the contestants’ being able to make the visual connection between King’s distinctive and Mosciatti’s… derivative styles, rather than their familiarity with Chilean journalism. I’m not sure what this clue has to do with World Languages, except that Mosciatti works in Spanish… but this clue is more “novelty” than the others anyway, I guess.

In Jeopardy!: A search of “Larry King” turns up 37 relevant clues in the J!Archive, two of which were read by King himself and another ten in categories named for him. His network (also the one in this category’s name, if you haven’t figured that out yet) shows up in 14, and something like “interview” or “talk show” in 18, which pretty much covers them. His suspenders, of course, are in three. So a CNN  live interview show host, or some combination of those things, is probably going to be him… unless its the Brit Piers Morgan, who replaced him when he retired in 2010.

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