Deeper Into Jeopardy! X: Miscellaneous – $200

It’s the tenth week of Deeper into Jeopardy!, an arbitrary, short-term anniversary, but a good feeling nonetheless. So far, the categories we’ve looked at have generally been of the pretty straightforward type, covering one “topic,” broadly speaking, without jumping too much between academic fields. But as any fan knows, the Jeopardy! writers love to play with what makes a category, and one of the classic ways they do so is through their “hodgepodge” and “potpourri” categories. So this week, we’ll look at Monday’s “Miscellaneous,” which ranges from sea creatures to Scotsmen. Maybe we’ll do a “miscellaneous” category every tenth week? Who knows. This is still in the exploratory phase.

Jeopardy! category: MISCELLANEOUS (17-04-2014)

$200 clue: She’s the first woman mentioned in the Bible, but her name only appears twice in all of Genesis

Correct response

The gist: Naturally she’s the first woman mentioned in the Bible – according to that source’s creation story, there weren’t any before her. Eve‘s name, as the clue says, is only given twice in Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament (or the Torah). The first is in Genesis 3:20, where Adam, who’s been entertaining himself by naming all the new animals roaming around the Garden of Eden, gives the first woman her name. “Eve” is derived from an ancient Hebrew root for “living thing,” and can be translated roughly as “source of life,” an appropriate name for the maternal ancestor of all humans. The second time is in Genesis 4:1, after she and Adam had been expelled from Eden for partaking of the Tree of Knowledge. In that passage, Eve gives birth (complete with the pain) to the world’s first son, Cain, who grew up to be a farmer, as well as the older brother of the ill-fated Abel, a shepherd. Later on, Cain would commit the first homicide and fratricide when he murders Abel jealousy of God’s favour, who preferred Abel’s sacrifice of his best sheep to Cain’s sacrifice of run-of-the-mill produce.

Of course, probably Eve’s most famous feat was being tricked by the serpent into eating that quince (apologies for the video quality, I don’t think it’s 100% legal) that got humanity kicked out of paradise and into the work-a-day world we live in now. But that story doesn’t give Eve the best reputation – maybe it’s better that it doesn’t mention her by name.

Sculpture of Eve from the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

The clue: Not much to speak of here, basically just asking who the first woman was according to the Bible. The writers have taken the opportunity to introduce a bit of extra knowledge inside, though – I certainly didn’t know that she’s only mentioned by name twice in Genesis.

In Jeopardy!: Another three-letter answer, too difficult to search in the J!Archive by itself – even searching “Eve Genesis” brings up a lot of clues not about the woman (particularly about parthenogenesis, which is the development of an unfertilized egg into an embryo). But among those that are, there are a few themes – of course, most are about her being the first her around, but there’s also her three sons (Cain, Abel, and Seth) and the serpent that tricked her.

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