Deeper into Jeopardy! Special: Central American Geography – Final Jeopardy!

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Final Jeopardy! category: CENTRAL AMERICAN GEOGRAPHY (06-04-2018)

Final Jeopardy! clue: One active, one dormant, Madera & Concepcion are volcanoes in this body of water that shares its name with a country

Correct response

The gist: Its little brother shares its name with the capital, too.Lake Nicaragua, the largest freshwater lake in Central America, probably began as a bay of the Pacific Ocean before volcanic activity isolated it and its smaller brother to the northwest, Lake Managua (Managua is Nicaragua’s capital). The two are connected, when the water level is high enough, by the Tipitapa River. The lake is also known as Cocibolca or Mar Dolce, both names meaning “sweet sea” in the indigenous language and Spanish respectively. The lake empties mainly via the San Juan River into the Caribbean Sea, and has hundreds of ecologically-rich islands. Among its volcanos, Concepcion is known for frequent but mostly harmless eruptions. The lake is also home to varieties of fish that normally live in salt water, including sharks (which migrate upriver like salmon), swordfish, and tarpon (which can breathe air). The lake is also used for intensive tilapia farming, which may be causing undue ecological stress.

The clue: Mainly, this is asking you to come up with a Central American country that has a namesake body of water. If you don’t know it, you have a one-in-seven chance of guessing, since there are only seven Central American countries (although one contestant ventured Mexico, which is considered part of North America).

In Jeopardy!: Lake Nicaragua gets mentioned in 19 regular and two FJ! clues in the J!Archive. Only this and one other mention volcanos, while eight also mention Lake Managua, and nine mention that it shares its name with its home country. A Central American lake is more than likely to be referring to Lake Nicaragua – but if it asks for a city, it’s more than likely Lake Managua.

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