About Three Roads Trivia

I started Three Roads Trivia as an extension of something I already did for fun and profit: researching and writing trivia questions. When most people think of trivia, they think of “useless knowledge.” It can be. But trivia can also be the trailhead of a path to learn more than you thought you would about something seemingly, well, trivial. That’s what I mean by “Three Roads” – besides the literal translation of the Latin word, a piece of trivia can take you in so many directions to explore beyond it. Three Roads treats trivia as both a game and a learning opportunity, and writes questions that entertain and inform at the same time. Three Roads has written questions for a wide variety of audiences, including a national trivia tournament, pub trivia nights, a medical conference, and an arts festival.

If you’re interested in having Three Roads Trivia provide trivia for you, please visit the Contact page.

About Me

An archaeologist by education, by day I’m a¬†writer (not the interesting kind) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I feed the part of my brain that’s interested in everything by writing trivia and following the paths that my questions take me down. Besides Three Roads my trivia bona fides, such as they are, include co-captaining a Reach for the Top team that finished 8th in Ontario in 2005, watching Jeopardy! as often as possible, and generally being a bit of a know-it-all.

Thanks to various friends, family, and readers who have pointed out typos and told me when I’m wrong.