Deeper into Jeopardy! XLIX: Historic Islands – Final Jeopardy!

Last time we did Historic Objects, and this installment’s FJ! clue, since there haven’t been any about the Knights Templar, will be about HISTORIC ISLANDS instead. And hey, this is the last regularly-scheduled Deeper into Jeopardy! post of the show’s 31st season! While the show takes a short break I’ll be taking one, too, but check back here for the possibility of a few stray posts, and certainly check back here a couple weeks into Season 32, when a whole new season of DiJ! will be right here as usual.

Final Jeopardy! category: HISTORIC ISLANDS (13-7-1999)

Final Jeopardy! clue: A 900-year-old organization expelled in 1798 was allowed to return to this island in 1998

Correct response

The gist: Those other knights.  Continue reading

Deeper into Jeopardy! XLIX: The Knights Templar – $400

Nearing the end of the Jeopardy! season, let’s take a look at a pretty cool group from back in the day, THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. No explanation necessary.

Jeopardy! category: THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR (27-7-2015)

$400 clue: The Templars were formed in this city around 1120 to protect pilgrims left defenseless after crusaders went home

Correct response

The gist: Where their namesake temple was, of course.  Continue reading