Deeper into Jeopardy! XXVIII: Linguistics – $400

OK, I know we just did a social sciences category last week, but I will make no apologies for following up with another one this week, except to say I’ll try for some humanities next week, which we haven’t seen in a while. But LINGUISTICS is one of my favourite subjects, so I’m going to jump on it when it shows up. And if you find it as fascinating as I do, I highly recommend checking out Language Log, a blog run by a bunch of linguists who write about everything from the unique language of headline writers to “up-talking,” the latter of which also happens to be a frequent complaint about some Jeopardy! contestants. I predict I’ll be linking to plenty of their posts this week.

Jeopardy! category: LINGUISTICS (9-10-2014)

$400 clue: The main syntactic voices are active, middle & this one

Correct response

The gist: It’s the perennial whipping boy of high school English teachers and language peevers alike.  Continue reading

Deeper into Jeopardy! XXVII: Anthropology – $2000

Jeopardy! category: ANTHROPOLOGY (1-10-2014)

$2000 clue: From a single molar found in China in 1927, Davidson Black postulated on the existence of this early human

Correct response

The gist: When Swedish geologist Johan Gunnar Andersson noticed deposits of non-native quartz in Dragon Bone Hill outside Beijing, he turned to American palaeontologist Walter Granger and said: “Here is primitive man – now all we have to do is find him!”  Continue reading

Deeper into Jeopardy! XXVII: Anthropology – $1200

Jeopardy! category: ANTHROPOLOGY (1-10-2014)

$1200 Daily Double clue: Ruth Benedict’s “The Chrysanthemum and the Sword” is a classic 1946 study of this country’s culture

Correct response

The gist: You know you’ve got a pretty good racket when you can write a book about a country that gets called a “classic” on Jeopardy! without ever having set foot in it.  Continue reading

Deeper into Jeopardy! XXVII: Anthropology – $400

For now, I’ll be maintaining the post-a-week schedule as we take up a category that, what a coincidence, I happen to have majored in as an undergrad. It’s the study of people, and most everyone I know think that people are pretty important in general, so here we go with a week of clues on ANTHROPOLOGY.

Jeopardy! category: ANTHROPOLOGY (1-10-2014)

$400 clue: Indians of the Pacific Northwest carved family & clan emblems & histories on these that were made of cedar

Correct response

The gist: Along with war bonnets and tomahawks, they’re probably among the most widely recognized artifacts of native North American culture, although, like the other two, they’re actually associated only with a small subset of native peoples.  Continue reading

Deeper into Jeopardy! XXVI: National Patron Saints – $1600

Jeopardy! category: NATIONAL PATRON SAINTS (25-09-2014)

$1600 clue: This archangel is also a saint & the patron of Papua New Guinea

Correct response

The gist: Even if I can’t find any information as to why he’s Papua New Guinea’s patron, he’s still a pretty bad-ass figure in Christian theology, so I’m happy to write about him anyway.  Continue reading